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Espresso Cocktail Making Kit

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Discover your inner mixologist with our complete signature cocktail kit; including our bar-standard equipment and all of the premium ingredients you need to make perfectly balanced cocktails at home

The perfect cocktail pick-me-up.  Hand crafted by our mixologists, the Espresso Cocktail Making Kit makes 4 generous servings:

2x 125ml Espresso Martini (abv. 16%)
2x 125ml Baileys Espresso Martini (abv. 18.04%)

The premium ingredients included:

    • 160ml Absolut Vodka
    • 100ml Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
    • 30ml Agave Nectar
    • 30ml Baileys Original Liqueur 
    • 8x Lavazza Coffee Sticks
    • Fresh Coffee Beans (the right way to garnish an Espresso!)

    Professional and custom barware included:

    • Premium Beaumont Boston shaker - 'tin-on-tin', the bartenders choice!
    • Double jigger measure – a must have for any mixologist
    • A fine strainer – for an effortless pour
    • A muddler - for combining ingredients together
    • Disc stirrer sticks
    • Easy to follow, step-by-step recipe instructions

    The only items you will need to provide are ice, your favourite glassware, and a kettle to brew the perfect espresso.

    Please note – glassware, decoration and white canapé spoons are not included.

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    Allergen information: Baileys Espresso Martini contains milk